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Beach House in Ubatuba

Prédio Comercial em Guarulhos

Since the region has a humid tropical climate, the architectural party took into account three main aspects:


1. Environmental comfort;
2. Minimizing the environmental impact on the ground;
3. The resistance of Materials to sea salt and its maintenance.

Thus, the solution found from the design of the project was to take off the construction of the original soil, thus making the permeable green area as large as possible, the "explosion" of the building in four independent volumes, connected by walkways and layout a concrete cover on volumes, forming a sort of umbrella for shading and ventilation environments. These four volumes house the social and service sectors (volumes 1 and 2) and the bedrooms sector (volumes 3 and 4) where the volume 3 houses two suites and the fourth volume houses the master bedroom.


A detailed thermal and shading study was done. The facades facing the East and the West were laid natural shading barriers both by landscape and brises-Soleil. On the other hand, on the facades to the south, the glazed areas are more abundant to allow more light and heat stroke. The bathrooms have their main walls entirely replaced by white screen-printed glass, giving them a bright and an airy environment.

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