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Office Building +

Urban Bus Terminal

Prédio Comercial em Guarulhos

The proposal stemmed from a unique need to the real estate use: the owner of the terrain is an urban public transport company, and the City Hall required this company to set an Urban Bus Terminal on site. However, the prime location in downtown led us to search for a solution that would maximize the return on the company's investment. After extensive research, we have concluded that there was a lack of supply on-site office spaces for liberal professionals and small businesses.


The central challenge then was to reconcile the use of an urban bus terminal + office building! By deploying the bus terminal at the street level, a large parking area in two basements to function as intermodal transportation terminal and create an elevated square upon the bus terminal, as a physical transition between the bus terminal and the office building. This square is accessed exclusively by a dedicated entrance aside of the bus terminal and provides specialized facilities to the offices´ building such as fast food outlets and services. This square holds the access lobby to the building, entirely apart from the public terminal below.


At the bus terminal, we proposed some small food and trade stores located at the boarding platforms, organizing this informal kind of work which is commonly found around the bus stop in larger cities in the Country, messing around the spacewalking fluency.


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