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Painel Virado a paulista

This wall painting called "Virado à Paulista" was designed and painted in 1983 by the then architecture students from FAU José Luis Fairbanks and Oscar Oiwa, inside the building of the Architecture School of Sao Paulo University - USP. The intervention was made in collaboration with several other colleagues and was authorized by the building original designer, Prof. Dr. Vilanova Artigas. Because it is a building listed by CONDEPHAAT as an architectural heritage, is also considered an architectural heritage and cannot be changed in any case.


The main idea was to "twist" of the concrete walls of FAU and on the other hand,

appears in the city of Sao Paulo in his symbolic skyline.


The wall was restored in July / 2015, the year of its 32nd anniversary, duly authorized by the Congregation of USP in partnership with the current students at FAUUSP.



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