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Centro Cultural em SP

A conceptual occupancy proposal for the properties along the subway line, affected by the SP its construction in 1979 that was abandoned since then. The intervention proposes the area´s occupation with a Cultural Centre Brazil / Italy, in honor of those Italians who initially colonized the neighborhood.


A long walkway links the cultural center to the Sao Paulo Metro Bresser Station. A large central square with a semi-covered area made up for exhibitions fairs and meetings, and an arena theater composes the project´s core. The theater background was thought to be a backstage allusion, so it was maintained the facade of one of the old buildings demolished.


The main building - the art gallery - is an old factory next to the rails Street, where we created a metallic mezzanine that does not touch the original masonry. In the round building of the 1940s, was installed the library, film library and other meeting rooms and services. The center of the building was demolished to be applied a glass area roofing, creating a covered sunny square. The spatial tubular structure connects all buildings, including a mirrored support and services building, this one designed by us. It contains a house bar, a restaurant, services areas and souvenir stores. The central idea was of this building is not supposed to appear among the others but, otherwise, to reflects the others.



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