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Sede social do hotel Meliá

Meliá Mandau Resort is a resort hotel designed to be deployed at the Mundaú Beach, located in the northeast of Brazil. It was intended concerning a more organic deployment, fleeing the traditionalism of the right angles of 90 °. We took as a basis a hexagonal mesh based on 60 ° angles just as a hive of bees. This wise lesson of mother nature makes the implementation more adaptable to the terrain modules, adapting it better to the site and allowing greater exploitation of the internal spaces and their surroundings, because of the larger area ratio x perimeter.


The result was a hive of juxtaposed modules in a head office, and isolated bungalows designed gathered on small islands, and counts with a small square in the middle, creating a cozy and private environment for each guest. We developed bungalows modules type T1, which tallies with just one bedroom, and T3 modules as well, counting each one with two bedrooms and a living room.


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